Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blog Highlight: Rob Unit's Blog

It was March of this year that I went with Rob Glasier (pronounced with a Quebecois tongue)to go see Morrissey at Foxwoods with some of his homies*. Gig aside, the most memorable part of the evening was Rob telling me, and everyone else, so many times throughout the night about the blog he was starting. Obviously I was intrigued because in all seriousness I can't get enough of the life and times of Rob, I know how sarcastic that sounds but it is true. Either way, after all this talk and Facebook-newsfeeding Rob's blog culminated in one epic post that would never be followed up on again. While his blog started and ended with that one post, it ended up being the greatest blog to ever exist, and barring his own Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter accounts - would be the greatest web site to ever exist.

Please do yourself a favor and take the time to check it out:

That is all

*Shootout to Sean Sullivan who would become my dude from this day on.

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