Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Seasons are Changing

It's still cold but less cold, and some days are even warm. I got one day of posting up while wearing camo shorts with a belly full of Eagle's Deli in. I guess one can't complain too much. Haven't even moved into the HOS yet and already anticipating its demise in the Fall, followed by myself, Hudon, Chedge, and Toomey relocating to Brookline (shootout to Washington Sq.). Not sure whether or not this means we're becoming grownups. If this picture of Hudon is any indication we truly are fucked.

Jenn is at the point of recognizing sneakers on the feet of passers-by, my apologies go out to her. Must have been all the time she spent studying up with me.

And due to a lack of interesting content (aside from Rob Unit's rumored pink slip from Sweet Ink, the greater discussion of the 2009 shelling season, Bodega's S/S collection, assorted giggery, etc.) here's a Free Spirit interview I did not long after our first show with my friend George, a young zineman from Tallahassee. I'm not even sure if this issue of his zine - expertly titled Look Around Fanzine - ever even came out, and if it did it was not circulated well so I think it's safe to post on here.

Free Spirit - Look Around Fanzine
Q: To begin with, how are you Gil? Its been a while since our last
conversation. Have you acquired any new Stop & Think merch?

I'm good man, just concluded doing midterms which absolutely sucked
but I'm happy to be done with it. I have actually gotten some snt gear
recently, got the stacked shirt in the mail today and Champ from
Foundation is sending me his red/yellow tee as part of a trade we did.

Q: Alright, Free spirit. When you first started this band what were
your intentions? To just play local gigs, possibly tour?

I came up with the idea to do Free Spirit in February with our drummer
Kenny, the idea was just to do a cool band that was heavily influenced
by Straight Ahead where I would sing. No intentions to tour or nothing
just play cool shows and do a demo. It took a while to actually get it
going, we practiced sporadically for months before having real songs.

Q: I haven't seen anything clarifying the lineup of Free Spirit. Who plays what?

Free Spirit is: Myself on vocals, Jack Daniels on guitar, Kenny
Fontaine on drums, Ryan Hudon on guitar, and Nervous Luke on bass. The
lineup changed a lot as we got going but this is it for now haha

Q: How did Free Spirit's first gig go?

Our first show was awesome! As usual we did everything super last
minute and super crappy but we were all amazed to find we had demos,
shirts, and an actual set to play haha. We did the demo all the way
thru with a Straight Ahead cover as our second song and all our
friends went crazy. I honestly can't imagine having a better first

Q: As of now all you guys have released is a five song demo. Any plans
for upcoming releases? Or possibly label support.

Well Triple-B put out the tape for us, so that's our label. Sam should
have tapes for sale in the label store online. Also Standhard Records
bootlegged the demo (along with the No Tolerance demo) onto a tape
which was sold at the show with a zine. We're gonna write more songs
but I can't really speculate on if there will be anything else. Maybe
a demo 2 one day.

Q: Recently was the 9th anniversary of edge day. How was the edge show
in mass? How did step forward do? What about rampage it seems like
they never play around anymore.

The show was really cool, it was all our friends' bands and it was
kind of a crew thing that the greater scene could enjoy. It was a long
day, and by the end i was pretty burnt out but man it was a really
exciting and fun time. Step Forward were great they opened with p-salt
stomp, then played through the whole ep and also played their song
that was supposed to be on DFJ's compilation. Kenny is a good drummer
but a GREAT frontman so I love seeing him on the mic in step forward.
Rampage play every now and again and did that LP for lockin out so I'd
say they're just as in the game as ever.

Q: If there was one thing you could change about current state of
hardcore what would it be?

HC just needs more kids getting involved, not for recognition or for
the sake of being in a band or whatever, but being involved cause they
love being hc kids. That's my thing, I'm a fucking hc kid and it's who
I am to the bottom of my heart, not being involved is something I just
couldn't do. Just get out there and have fun and make some friends, be
a hc kid at more than face value is something I'd like to see the
newer people getting into it do.

Q: Gil, the first time we met I remember you making a comment about my
Justice stage dives rules shirt (which happens to be one of my
favorite shirts) what would you say are some of your favorite shirt
designs of the core?

Ah yes I remember that, good times. I love shirts, my favorite ones
include: Stop and Think final shirt and stacked design, the
Altercation shirt, UC a wish to dream shirt is really cool, the Bold
"Speak Out" shirt is one of the best ever. There's too many to name.

Q: Top 5 NYHC releases?

Another question where there's too many to name but here I'm just
gonna say ones I like and not ones I feel obligated to say because
they're great...

Straight Ahead - Everything
Our Gang - Uprising tape
Token Entry - Jaybird
WarZone - Lower East Side Crew
Agnostic Front - Victim in Pain

Q: Winner of Paris Hilton's New bff prediction?

I think it's gonna be Brittany and I've gotten a pro tip it's gonna be
her. It's not gonna be Kayley, and I don't think it will be Shelley
either. The rest are a little bit too forgettable. Corrie isn't
likeable enough to win though she's got that ill body. So yeah I'd say
Brittany cause she's a standout contestant who Paris def seems to

Q: Alright, this about wraps up our interview. Any shout outs, last
words you wanna leave us with?

Yes thanks for doing the interview and doing this zine, I liked issue
1 a lot. You and the other guys in Tally have something cool going I'm
glad I've been able to chill there. Thanks to all the friends and
Triple-B Records. Unite to do what's right, whatever you think that
may be. Rival Mob LP is my fav hc record of the year. Peace!