Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank You

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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Shootout to Progresso Chicken Gumbo

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Free Spirit Live at Anchors Up 3/6/09

Honesty (YOT)
Free Spirit Intro
Express Yourself
Open Mind
Stand as One
Be Yourself
Not Afraid (Straight Ahead)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Free Spirit Weekend

"When I'm sleeping it's only green sheets and the hair down my legs"

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Air Footscapes

Nike Air Footscapes

Can one of my friends please win these since I can't allocate those funds right now?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Have Heart / Rival Mob Weekend

Last weekend I went out with two of my favorite bands (which double as two of my favorite groups of people), Have Heart and the Rival Mob, for a weekend of gigs - Sammy came along for the ride as well. Due to a busted trailer we fit the 12 dudes on the weekend between the Have Heart van and an auxiliary car. The weekend of gigs coincided with my 21st birthday on Friday which consisted of the normal routine: Sunsesh and hitting a bar where friends ordered many a college beverage in my honor.

On Saturday I woke up first on the HOS floor and made my way to Chucky's vacant closet where I would catch a couple extra hours of sleep before waking up the second time to leave for the gig in Edison, NJ. The ride was trying to say the last as I felt like I had been up all night drinking and thrashing around (wonder where this would stem from), along with being sandwiched in between Hudon and Kei, who has a strange inclination towards leaning sharply to the left - putting me also at an angle. I spent most of the pre-gig time drinking lots of coffee and water in order to snap myself out of feeling sick. By the time doors opened and I was seeing some out of town heads I was looking forward to hanging with (Apps, Jenn, Hoodrack, Rifkin, Morgado, Jaycox, etc.) my body came around and I was back in commission.

The Rival Mob - Upside Down from hate5six productions on Vimeo.

The Rival Mob - IIB + Thin Ice (Outburst) from hate5six productions on Vimeo.
Rival Mob got one of the bigger reactions I've ever seen from them. This was one of the first shows they've done since the Demo 7" came out on Triple-B so they were hawkin' those things pretty hard. I sang an Outburst cover with them, which they learned as a birthday present of sorts. Apparently Porter from Floorpunch was sounding off about how into the cover he was - not a bad thing to hear.

Have Heart - Pave Paradise from hate5six productions on Vimeo.
Have Heart were great as always. They played the hits and a few of my favorites, along with "Something More Than Ink" featuring Sammy on vocals during the break in the song. You can't beat the energy of a Have Heart set, all those kids being so into a band with a great message gets me pumped every time.

Me, Hoodrack, DFJ, Sammy

Post-Gig dinner sesh - I ordered the French dip

Some of us stayed the night in Philly at a friend of Hudon's apartment. Sam was pretty shook by this cat cause of his allergies, he fared pretty well though by strategically taking some meds before we got there. The apartment was clean and filled with couches and beds aka Heaven on Earth. I slept like a baby.

Around 12:30 Hudon woke us up, and after taking a round of showers, some of which were cold due to not being able to figure out the hot water, we were off to Philly to get some food and hang for the afternoon before the gig in Doylestown, PA.

The line at Jim's was out the door

Good food

After our quick traverse down South St. we drove to Doylestown where the rest of the guys had been for a good while. The show was in a quaint small town which seemed pretty wealthy and traditional. It had a small movie theater on the same street as the hall with a big marque, something out of a movie. Weird to think that this town has emerged as a newer hc gig destination but it has, and in fact I'll be there again this Saturday with my own band. By the time we showed up a couple bands had already played and Rival Mob was next to go on.

Mob played one of the better sets I've seen them play despite a small reaction

Did "Thin Ice" again, as I said it was a small reaction

Hudon blowing off some steam during Have Heart

HH brings the energy even in a smaller hall like this one

By the time the show had ended we had gotten word that the bad weather we were warned about earlier in the weekend was no joke and that schools in Boston had canceled classes. We hit Wawa briefly for dinner and to stock up on snacks, and then hit the road prepared to drive into a blizzard. The ride was supposed to be 5-7 hours and ended up lasting 15. I won't get into the mellow drama of the ride but I will say that everything that could have gone wrong did and I was kissing the ground when I finally got home at 3 in the afternoon on Monday. My mom, who was aware of the bad weather and the drive I was doing, probably lost a couple minutes on her life due to stressing out.
Just the tip of the iceberg - in Jersey

Kei made me cry laughing multiple times on the road home, this face inspired one of those times

The weekend was memorable to say the least, and I will remember my 21st birthday as one of the best I've ever had. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it. Photos are by myself, Kei, and Danielle the show photographer from Doylestown.