Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The OC - This Was A Time I'll Remember

The summer of 2006, one which I spent in Florida enjoying my last months of living at home before moving off to Greater Boston for college, is a time I consider pivotal in the solidification of my interests in adult nerdery. I spent so many nights of that summer staying up until 5 AM with my friend Jordan running DVDs and records into the ground, namely The OC Seasons 1 and 2. I struggle in fighting off the urge to turn this into a coming of age story, however it must be said that during those nights I felt so at home in that living room. It had become such a welcome routine, retiring after doing what could be considered something and finding the true joy in doing nothing. In the microcasm of the universe which was that 3 month period of driving back and forth between my house and Jordan's that routine defined a percentage of my social life I hesitate to enumerate for the sake of saving face. The OC was the backdrop to this whole experience, which of all the time I spent with my childhood and to this day good friend seems to be the most vivid in my memory.

I loved the show. I loved all the characters. I loved hearing "previously on The OC..." I loved catching recurring lines. I loved how stupid it was on the surface, but how I got it for one reason or another. In today's terms I would say that The OC is kind of like Inside Out NY or Nike Wovens - it's just the kind of thing that when taken at face value just makes sense to some people. I'm not saying that I'm smart and could see something others can't see, I'm saying I have junk food taste and I like what I like.

Two years later, which is shocking to see written as its felt like a lifetime, I can finally say that I've completed the series in order. It took a considerable amount of restarting but with the help of a roommate who taught me how to download TV shows (I still don't know how) I finally finished what Jordan and I sought out to do. It's over-grandiose to say that completing all 4 seasons has been a journey or spiritual experience, but it has been fun, theraputic, and a conversation piece to boot. I didn't grow up with these characters, I blasted through their life events and traumas over a highly spliced up two year period, but there's a connection between myself and the Cohen family I do hold as real.

When I look at myself at 20 I see a person who wears his interests on his sleeve, and I think this inclination towards over-analyzing and discussing past-the-point-of-courtesy the minutia of the things which people often leave as a list of their favorite bands or movies on MySpace as a quality I inherited from years of friendship with Jordan. We shared The OC at a time when our interests were splitting off into two different directions, and the meeting grounds for our increasingly infrequent meetings are still a living room. What there is to say about this period of OC worship is unclear for me in looking back at it, but I will say goodbye to my second favorite television family (guess the first) and hope that we meet again some time later in life when I need to be reminded of the comfort I felt in the time I spent with a friend on the cusp of adulthood.

Shoutouts to the OG fans: Jordan, Sam, Megan, Chucky, Rob's Mom

No love to: Che or as he was known in the Chrismuk-huh? episode, Chester. And Oliver. Both these characters drove me up a fucking wall.

Give thanks and praise to: The Bullet (Bang!). Illest character!! I loved how over the top he was, this was so involunterily good too because every other over the top character on the show was obnoxious and came close to ruining many otherwise good episodes.

Right back where we started from...