Saturday, April 19, 2008


There was a time when Token Entry shirts w/ Positive Force sleeve print were all over eBay every week, going between 20 and 40 dollars each auction. Now when I'm ready to pull the trigger on one of those bad boys they're nowhere to be found. Same with Bold "Speak Out" shirts, that I'll even take a boot someone throw me a fucking bone here. If this was Chucky's blog I'd say if any of you readers have one of these joints and are looking to give it a good home hit me up but I know that only a handfull of people close to me will see this.

I downed a Godzilla Burger from Eagle's Deli no problem, no surprise there - I can truly fuck up a good burger when the time is right. I won't get to into that though I keep it reserved for those unrefined gourmands out there.

Apps wears floral print shorts, word.

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