Sunday, November 4, 2007

Grabs + Devours

Sincerest apologies to the few people who check this for not updating in a while - I swear I have been legitimately busy. Edge Day Observed 2007 gig - total blast. New York City vacation - ur moshing, Floorpunch reunion - fuck yeah. It's been an interesting month or so. Dad went in and out of the hospital, and I've begun No Shave November with my roommates. Halloween was disappointing, basically missed out on that entire thing. Baseball season came and went, I listened to the Red Sox win the World Series on the radio on an uncomfortable van ride from Philly to Boston while sleeping on a pillow of Have Heart shirts. Basically it's been a while and there's too much to say so in essence I have nothing to say. Here's some pictures of my vacation and some pickups. Thank you to Apps for the Mental handmedowns and everyone please listen to The Rival Mob.

Triple B Thank You Very Much

You Won't

Girls Love Me
and pickups...

Step your Mental game up

Welfare Records in Haverhill is awesome

Supreme Sport Cap (more tan than pictured)

Some new denim from Rugby

Check back in soon and be sure to look out for Casual Pizza Fanzine and Think Right Fanzine both dropping in the next month.