Monday, March 19, 2007

I Came To Win

My to-do list looks impressive but I've got little to show for it. All I want is to hold Life Is Stupid #2 in my hands while high-fiving my mom about my exemplary grades while jamming to the Crossroads, Sick People, Ice Age, and/or Think Right demo(s).

The Triple B Records Message Board is red hot right now. If you're not on it, well, get on it. Some of my finest Internetting is being done on there currently, and if you know anything about my resume you know that I am an above average messageboard poster (see my username).

Yesterday, in the midst of the finest episode (or radiosode - I'm looking to coin that word in the near future) of Culture Pop to air yet I officially announced the changing of my DJ name from DJ Cro-Magnon to DJ Cro-Mag 69. I figure Dan G already staked his claim in Rosenthal 69 (see his username), so I might as well meet him halfway. Other than this groundbreaking change of namesake the show was pretty good, probably my favorite one to date. My four co-hosts and I now live by a new mantra, "Safety in segments." I'm a segment-making powerhouse.

This is what a re-blizzard looks like from my dormroom window.

This hat (pictured), after months of wear, finally fits the way that feels right on my head and looks good in the mirror. I took a picture out of satisfaction.

My next update is going to be an album review of 2003's The Greatest Story Ever Told by The Lawrence Arms. I'm stating this mainly to obligate myself to actually write and then post said review. I may even include ten words John Park has to describe an unnamed Chinese buffet in Daytona Beach, FL. You know, the one.