Saturday, December 30, 2006

This Is For you Fest 2006 Day #2

Sorry for the not-so-timely update. I was too tired after Day #2 to do an update, and when I tried to do one the next morning the internet at the Chris Tharp HQ was not agreeing with my future machine. I just got home from the third and final day of the fest, showed Mom and Dad ( celebrities) the zine, used a familiar bathroom, and had a cup of coffee. In order to instill a natural progression of days, I'll cover the third day tomorrow.

Me and Brian woke up in the living room of the HQ at 11 AM to the sounds of Chris munching on cereal. We then layed around for a while and listened to the Meantime demo which is awesome, very heavy with Mikey's E. Seinfeld-like backup vocals. After a little while we got motivated to go get lunch and check out Daytona before the bands started.

Brian and Chris outside the HQ ready to start the day

Me and Brian got Publix subs for lunch. Tharp sat it out and vouched for eating one of his daily PB and J's which I will delve into more later. Without asking me the lady working at the deli put Salsalito turkey on my sub which was a cool surprise. Mrs. Tharp gave us a coupon for a free 2 Liter so along with the subs we picked up some Fresca. Dankest soda ever, no?

We wanted to truly experience Daytona Beach so Chris suggested we check out the Flea Market. Him and Mikey YFN visit this place on a weekly basis. These dudes are all about the dollar VHSs and cheap DVDs. All jokes aside, this flea market was less sketchy and heinous than the one I went to a couple times in Sanford, FL (outside of Orland). Tons of Dale stuff up in here, free samples for all the ill flea market food, old video games, marijuana parafanelia, surprisingly good hip hop vinyl. All in all, no one bought anything.

Chris made these posters for the fest. I tried to get a decent picture of the list of bands for Day #2, but couldn't get a clear shot even with the help of my boy Alexx. This will have to do.

This is me and Tamara. There is a reason this picture was taken, but I can't remember it. Next year I'm bringing a notepad.

Larry and John Park booty danced. How unsexy is this?

Chris Tharp packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich every single day. I have reason to believe that if we weren't staying with him he would have had his mother cut the crusts off for him. I like taking pictures of Chris eating sandwhiches. More to come soon.

10 of us decided to skip Have Heart to go to a Chinese buffet right by the venue. I justified this to Alexx by telling him "at this point in my life food > Hardcore." He then told me I was the Negative MVP of the day. I grudingly accepted this award.

The Chinese buffet was amazing. We moved the tables all over the place while yelling about Hardcore Unity. Made some new friends here, and overate to the max. Mikey loves this place. Me and John Park celebrated our one year anniversary as friends. Tamara didn't eat.

The Wolfpack walking tall after a great meal

John Park won MVP of Day #2. He is the best kid to watch in between songs and in between bites of good food. He's so stoked on everything, makes me laugh constantly, named 10 things he loves about me, I named 12 things I love about him. He currently lives in SoFla but is relocating to Orlando next month. I look forward to seeing him more on my trips back home. As said earlier, we celebrated an anniversary.

After the show a million of us went to Steak 'n Shake where the people who didn't eat got some food. We spent majority of this time discussing and strategizing our moshing at the first Meantime gig, Jan 7th. From there we went to party at the Ramada where a number of our friends were staying. It was awesome having a bunch of kids who don't all know eachother that will hanging side by side having a good time. The drinkers drank, the edgers edged.

Matt (MVP of Day #1) told stories a good deal of the night. One of the most underrated kids in hardcore, next year you're gonna see this guy on the cover of GQ. He's taking over.

Jason threw the party in his room. Very cool of him to take one for the team considering security came countless times and eventually kicked us out.

Me and Matt

We all got kicked out of the room. Some went to Denny's, the rest of us went to Sam Triple B's room where I moshed to the Cro-Mags until I tired myself out. Tired eyed and sweaty, back to the HQ we went for a night of sleep in preparation of Day #3.

Though it seems like this emphasis from this day was more on hangouts than hardcore, some great bands did play. Check the band rundown...

The Mongoloids (Heavy as fuck, great stage style, Cookie Monster meets Paul Bearer vocals)
Down To Nothing (Best generic HC band)
Another Breath and How We Are (Overrated bands, but entertaining nonetheless)
Bracewar (People in FL love this band. Super fast into super heavy)
Have Heart (Boston Straight Edge - I don't care if I didn't watch them this band is always good.)

Ultimately a great day. It really rung in the atmosphere of fun that I'm thinking of in looking back at my experience of the fest. Hanging at the Ramada coming up with 100 new inside jokes ruled. Everyone got Tharp'd, including myself. At one point I even got Low Class Egyptian'd.

Expect a Day #3 rundown very soon

Yours truly

Thursday, December 28, 2006

This Is For You Fest 2006 Day #1

I am currently sitting at the Chris Tharp HQ in Daytona Beach, FL. Seinfeld (episode where Jimmy refers to himself in the third person and is BAALLLLLLINNNNNNNN) is playing on the TV, Chris is to my right eavesdropping on my typing, Brian Heff is chillin to my left doin his thing. It's been quite the day, and a hell of a Day #1.

And now...a brief photo recap.

Me and Brian before our voyage to Daytona (Photo courtesy of Susan Sayfan)

Today dobuled as the launch for me, Mikey YFN, and Chris Tharp's Zine Life Is Stupid HC Fanzine Issue #1, as well as the launch for the Meantime demo. Meantime is a new heavy HC band from Daytona - about time. Featuring members of Years From Now. I haven't heard it yet, but get into it cause I'm already moshing.

The Zinemates

Me, Heff, John, and Jason went out to Chipotle for dinner. John plays in a pretty cool band called Evasion who are based out of Tampa and have a 7" coming out on Demand Records. Jason paid for my burrito even though I insisted he didn't and threw money his way which he would not take. He's a very good guy and just got his certification to be a firefighter. What a guy!

My Revenge are a skate hardcore/thrash band. These guys played last year and were pretty good, same for this year. They played a Beastie Boys cover and a Trial cover. Both resulted in kids going nuts.

This is Matthew Metric. He is the MVP of Day #1. This guy has a million crazy stories, mostly about ridiculous drunken adventures though he is currently walking The Straight Edge. He has been stabbed, sells shoes, beaten up by gang members, works with dead bodies as a side job, danced with a girl who had multiple teeth fall out during the act, and smoked weed laced with PCP and went nuts. I love this guy, and it's a treat to see him when I can. He moshes for Years From Now and likes Biohazard in a non-ironic way. He told us many gems today but his greatest quote which earned him the title of MVP was this:

Matthew Metric on the fest running late - "Moshin' til 6 in the MOANIN'!"

Shipwreck played last tonight. Great as usual. This is one band I can see all the time and never get sick of it. These guys are from Boston and seem to get love all over the US. Big ups to JD for hooking me up with an interview which you can read in LIS. Kids mosh so hard for these guys its sickening. Sam Triple B moshed himself into the 4th Dimension the man I talked to after their set was definitely not him.

All in all today was a day and tonight was a night. Seeing friends from all over, minimum boredom, preoccupying myself with taking pictures (band photography is not something I should dabble in), some great bands I had never heard before, some great bands I already was a fan of, launching the zine, going on a mission for a "drank" with Heff and my girl Haley, the invention of the Me to Friend to Chick Ratio, and so much more.

Band highlights:

Permanent (Melodic HC similar to Killing The Dream from Richmond, VA)
Black SS (Everyone compares this band to a faster harder Kill Your Idols. I will too.)
My Revenge (Ill covers, boring rambling, but good band)
Lion of Judah (Best band of the day, so fun, I moshed hard for this band and was able to execute certain moves that belong at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert.)
Shipwreck (Heavy heavy heavy)

Two more days. Tonight there was no partying due to the show running late and a need for recharging. Stay tuned, thanks for reading, pick up the zine if you get the chance, listen to the Cro-Mags.

From everyone here at Chris Tharp HQ
One love

Monday, December 11, 2006

It was all a dream, I used to read LIfe Is Stupid HC Fanzine

-10 page paper about communal interpretations of the future CHECK
-13 page paper about the transition from liberalism in the 1960s to conservatism in the 1980s CHECK
-20 page group paper and presentation on the involvement of religion in Hip Hop Culture CHECK
-The Sixties final exam CHECK
-Intro to Econ 2A final exam...coming Wednesday

All in all it's obvious that I've been keeping busy.

December 7th, 2006 marks the information superhighway blackouts at Brandeis University, in which wikipedia'ing studyers, porn-watching masturbators, and flamestillburns-reading ballers were left in the dark of pre-Internet life. Fortunately for me, I had to work a 5 hour shift so I missed much of the frenzy, but I was privy to the complaints of some babbling women whose nationality was not revealed in her thick and mysterious accent. Max continued to do his news show, despite his inability to gather any stories from his usual websites (mind you he never thought to check one of the free issues of the New York Times given out on campus). The show came out surprisingly well for being produced and run by 4 people, who none of which understand the technicalities behind turning Mic 4 on/off. The powerhouse news team covered The Weed Report, Internet Blackout Crisis, Tribute to: Gil Sayfan, Phone Interview with Gil Sayfan, Hip Hop Talk - featuring music by Big L, Clipse, and Girl Talk.

The coming month of excessive free time is really getting my creative juices flowing.

The Coming Soon Playlist...

-Ice Age Interview: Expose' on the Ice Age Fam
-Third and Long: After the Breakup (Featuring Asya Han)
-Cro-Mags Sauce: What Would it Taste Like (Collabo w/ The Business Journal)
-Cro-Mags the Video Game: Survival of the Streets (Part 2 of TBJ Collab)
-Crossroads Demo Sessions - FL NY MA Love
-Crossroads Crew Logo (Coming Tuesday)
-Years From Now Moshing - "I wanna go! Pick it up! Ugh!"
-In the Kitchen w/ Susan Sayfan (Details to come...)

I'll probably try to fit in some of Waltham's finest food (2 carnitas burritos and a Crossover Calzone) before I head back home. I'll be puking grease in no time.

I hate Jazz.

1 Love

Friday, December 1, 2006

"We need to get out of these boxes."

I don't understand how I went from considering myself a friendly and social person 4 months ago to a person who grows wildly uncomfortable in the event of having to make small talk with other Earthlings.

However, that's besides the point. Shoutout to my boy Max for featuring me on his radio show yesterday. What resulted from this collab was 30 solid gold minutes of WBRS programming: Micahel Richards, The Hardcore Report, Tribute to Thirsty Thursdays, interviews with Anton Kavalski and Avi Shai Malinger, The Doors, Fucked Up, etc. Why we haven't been given a weekly talk show yet is phenomenal.

Since my last update I conducted interviews with Tradition and Shipwreck, both of which I'm very happy about the way they turned out. These will be featured in Life Is Stupid HC Fanzine Issue #1, debuting at This Is For You Fest '06, at other shows in Florida, and for sale from me in Boston. If you're into either of these bands, it will prove to be a good read.

Lots of Florida people in the area this weekend, along with 4 awesome hardcore/punk shows going down. I will do my best to enjoy all of this with finals looming over my existence. To think vacation is only 2 weeks away.

And now, a update...

My Brother and Me - Goo Punch Commercial
A slice of 90's American childhood

Meir and Susan Sayfan - "I'll Follow The Sun"
My parents covering The Beatles

Also check out Chirs Fafalios Dot Com for The Chris Fafalios Show and Texas Toast. Chris not only plays bass for one of the best pop punk bands doin' it right now, but is also incredibly creative and funny. See what he does with his free time on his site. This man is also the reason I met Aaron Barrett 2 summers ago.

Stay safe, world. See you in 2 weeks when I emerge from final exams, and awaken in sunny Orlando, Florida.