Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Do I look creative?

For those who tuned into my radio show yesterday evening, you may of heard me and my fellow Brandeis student and friend, Anton, discussing Snyder's Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces. I stand by every statement I made during the show, and in fact would like to elaborate on how extraordinary these snacks are. My life without Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces consists of thinking all day about how I should go buy them. My life with Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces consists of me waking up, thinking about how I'm going to eat them later on in the day, and then breaking up my day in Pretzel Pieces eating sessions. BWPPs are the best thing I eat all day, they are better than any so-called "real" food. Go try them, and more specifically go buy them for me.

On the topic of the radio show, big thank you to everyone who listened, requested a song, told me you enjoyed it, made fun of my speaking voice, and helped me promote. Unfortunately there isn't a designated hardcore punk rock show, and the times when I am playing music like I have my last few shows is when there is a position to sub in for an all-genre show. However, there is a punk rock show on Saturdays, and a metal/loud rock show sometime during the week, which are fine programs. I consistently listen to the punk rock show while driving a campus shuttle on my Saturdays, whoever DJ's that show had me hooked after he did a Clash tribute show.

Lots of reading to do about liberalism in the sixties, conservatism in the eighties, social memory and history, illustrations and ideas about the future, etc. Only with a fake major like mine do you get to read comic books as research for a final paper.

Below is an interview I conducted with 111 Records' very own, Rory, appearing in a fanzine I'm doing with Mikey YFN and Chris Tharp. We were going for an interview that was 90 percent nonsense, 5 percent James Buell references, and 5 percent content. It came out weak in James Buell references, but I dig it. Be on the lookout for the zine, containing this interview and many others, at This Is For You Fest 2006 in Daytona Beach, Florida at the end of December.

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Gil: In proper interview fashion, please tell the people your names and what you do in Rory.

Jordan: My name is Jordan... I play guitar and talk a lot.

Marc: My names are Marc, Stephen, and Ispass (first, middle, and last respectively,) and I play the bass guitar and do other things.

Jordan: Unsexy things.

Gil: What is a Rory?

Jordan: My life.

Marc: A dinosaur.

Gil: Good answers.

Jordan: My life as a dinosaur.

Marc: You don't have any other lives.

Jordan: Was that a question?

Gil: You guys just put out a new record called "We're Up To No Good, We're Up To No Good". Does it suck or rule?

Marc: It rules on all accounts of ruling things.

Jordan: It rules certain things and sucks others.

Marc: But, it actually rules that too. So, I don't even know what that is considered.

Gil: Tell me about the album.

Marc: It sucks the suck out of itself. So, that it is all rule.

Jordan: It's bringing fun back to rock'n'roll.

Marc: Yes, so it's 'Rockfu'n'roll"

Gil: How'd you come up with the name "We're Up To No Good, We're Up To No Good"?

Jordan: Joel

Gil: Who is Joel? I know no Joel.

Marc: It's irony. Everything we do is good. So, it's ironic.

Gil: Irony is for suckers.

Marc: Joel does good things too.

Jordan: We were in the van one day... Joel (our drummer) and Chris (guitar) decided they wanted dinner...

Marc: Lunch.

Jordan: so in the middle of an intersection, they bothed jumped out of the van and yelled "We're Up To No Good, We're Up To No Good" without telling us where they were going.

Marc (interrupts): At a burrito establishment -- CHIPOTLE (give us free stuff!!!)




Marc (resuming conversation): And then Joel hit the hood of the car next to us with his palm and yelled that phrase to the driver.

Gil: What kind of music does Rory play?

Marc: Fun and interesting music with the main interest in fun.

Jordan: Rory plays rockfu'n'roll

Marc: Loosely based off of the music of aboriginal Galapagos Islanders.

Marc: Just kidding, there are no aboriginals there.

Gil: You guys hail from Orlando, FL. What is the scene there like? Was it nurturing to you guys as a band?

Jordan: Ehh.. on and off. Orlando has it good nights a bad nights.

Marc: Orlando nursed us from its teet like the thriving child we are to it. Orlando is a really hard scene to pin down. Especially since so much of the population is transient, with all the schools and tourism.

Gil: Where do you see the scene there going in the next 2-3 years? And more specifically...will Orlando ever recuperate from the loss of Gil Sayfan?

Jordan: Orlando has some great bands coming out of it, so in that sense, i think it will continue to thrive, but as far as attendence at local shows, i doubt it.

Jordan: No... unless James Buell starts going to shows again.

Gil: Not gonna happen.

Marc: I think the scene will continue to have it's slight rises and falls as it has always had. Though, short-term, the loss of Gil Sayfan will certainly be a thorn in the sole of everyone's feet (both of them.) There is nothing in Orlando that enables any kind of expressive culture to really thrive as well as it should. The past year or two, however, things have definitely been on an up-swing, which makes me hopeful that people will see that growth is good.
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Gil: You guys recently added a new member to your band?

Jordan: Our old singer, Allen Peoples, is joining us on the road! It's great having him back. He will be doing a double shift as additional guitarest/merch guy... so if you kids are coming out to shows, give that man a nice big kiss and tip. He deserves it!

Gil: What do you think having six people on the road, versus five, does for the stage dynamic of Rory?

Marc: It makes us run into each other a lot more.

Jordan: It really thickens up the live sound.

Marc: Also, it gives everyone more sexy faces to look at and more bodies to hit with things.

Jordan: Way more sexy faces

Marc: at least two-and-a-half more.

Gil: You guys shot/are in the process of shooting music videos for each song on the new album. How is that going?

Marc: It WAS going amazingly. But then something happened and the pace has slowed to a grueling crawl.

Jordan: It's become a really long hard journey, but the process is so much fun for me. I can't wait to get the rest finished.

Gil: What are you guys planning to do with the videos?

Marc: Compile them onto a DVD that people can watch at sleepovers.

Jordan: Right now 4 or 5 of them are on and our website.

Marc: Yeah, that's happening first.

Gil: Word life.

Marc: But, then the rest of them will be compiled WITH those and DVDed so that the world can see them in all! We'll also have a LOT of other fancy footage too.

Marc: Fancy footwork too.

Gil: Speaking of the Internet...How do you guys feel the internet has helped/hindered your band and punk rock in general?

Marc: Oh, man... the Internet has single-handedly nourished the independent music scene to become such a strapping creature that it's eaten itself to death. On one hand it is incredible that every band who wants to, can get their songs out to the public. At the same time, the market is so saturated, it is a lot harder to do WELL. I believe that this scenario is actually the case for all business -- selling less of more. There are more bands, more varieties, more flavors, etc. But, no one sells as much as they did 10 years ago.

Gil: You guys are about to leave for the 111 Records tour. Are you excited for this tour?

Jordan: Very excited! Also very bummed out that Inkwell just dropped of... but reguardless, this tour is going to be great.

Gil: I can't wait for the Boston show.

Jordan: Jordan spells regardless like a Brit.

Jordan: Hey! I don't spell!

Gil: Does Rory hate the British?

Marc: No. Rory love the British. Really. I think we have more fans in the UK than we do west of the Mississippi River.

Marc: I cannot wait for the Boston show too. Halloween is the best.

Gil: I have a midterm that night, so I have to come late. Make sure you guys headline that night.

Jordan: The tour is awesome because everyone on the tour are already friends!

Gil: Who else is on the tour?

Jordan: This Day and Age, Rookie of the Year, and Mashlin

Gil: Nice. The new This Day and Age record is awesome. I listened to it a couple of days ago.

Marc: Sweet. I still have not heard it. All I have been listening to is Bollywood music.

Jordan: I heard it for the first time a couple nights and and thought it was great. I'm excited about hearing it live.

Marc: I haven't really been listening to Bollywood music.

Gil: Who would you guys rather be: The Terminator or Bill Gates?

Jordan: Bill Gates

Marc: The Terminator, because Jordan already said Bill Gates.

Jordan: I would rather live in Seattle and do charity work all day. I have no desire to be a killing machine.

Marc: But if your passion is killing, it would totally be worth it.

Gil: Bill Gates could buy Terminator - That's my answer.

Marc: That was my answer when you asked me two weeks ago.

Gil: What are the future plans for Rory?

Jordan: Damn... we should be asking the questions. Your answers are better.

Marc: Well, commission Boeing to build an army of Terminators.

Marc: Bill Gates could build an army of Terminators.

Gil: Next time you guys can interview me for the Rory website.

Jordan: Gil... honestly... what are the future plans for Rory?

Gil: Well I think first Rory is gonna do the 111 tour.

Jordan (laughs): Smart boy.

Gil: Then do a rad tour this Winter with some awesome headliners.

Gil: Then chill with me during the holidays, drink beer, watch The OC.

Marc: Do you think Rory will ever tour with Johnny Cash?

Gil: I have a bus to catch, so let's get to a couple personal questions before I leave.

Gil: What bands are you into lately? What food are you into lately? What clothes are you into lately?

Marc: Lately, I've been listening to Andrew Bird, Facing New York, Emiliana Torrini, and The Wood Brothers. But, mainly I listen to my entire iTunes library on shuffle. And no, I do not own an iPod yet.... Okay, I own a first-generation Shuffle. That hardly counts. Recently, I've been eating a lot of pluots (75% plum, 25% apricot), honeydew melon, avacado salad rolls from Publix, and yellow corn chips and salsa. And home-made pizza. Lately, I've been wearing the same jeans that I've been wearing almost every day since I bought them in March. They're some cut of Gap 1969, which I have not been able to find anywhere since. As far as shirts go -- I can't remember the last time I bought a new shirt. I mostly just wearing two random colored t-shirts and/or baseball shirts on top of each other. And also, recently I've been wearing powdered wigs... Three of them... at the same time. Also, hockey pads.

Jordan: Music, Well, then last week or two would consist of Less Than Jake, Lawrence Arms, Heavens, Set Your Goals, Crime In Stereo, Wilco, Murder By Death, Outkast, Justin Timberlake, +44, Mew, Dave Brubeck, David Bowie, All, RxBandits… I just listen to a lot of music all the time. I could go on for another 20 bands and list a whole new batch for next week. Food...meat, cheese, veggies, sauce, and beverage. Clothing, either a sleeveless t-shirt or a dress shirt with a tie and vest over a pair of long shorts. White socks and grey and purple Nike SB’s.

At this point I am on a bus going into Boston, and the interview ends. Go check these guys out, keep an open mind, and you will not be dissapointed.

Time for the first shower of the day, one.